Berre lake

It is a vast lagoon 20 kilometers long, 16.5 kilometers wide and 9.5 meters maximum depth, or 15,500 hectares and 980 million cubic meters of water, connected to the sea by a canal, to proximity to the 2024 Olympic Games (Marseille).

The southern, windy and sunny climate of the Berre Lake (Etang de Berre) associated with the security of a closed body of water, offers an area suitable for water sports.
The ports of Saint-Chamas, Berre, Martigues and Istres are very dynamic, and notably offer nautical and sailing activities in their respective clubs.

Several nautical clubs affiliated to the French Sailing Federation (FFVoile), offer the practice of light sailing (sport catamaran, funboard …), among them, the most dynamic organize regattas.
Close to the venues of the 2024 Olympics in MARSEILLE in the south of France, Martigues is located on the southwest edge of the Etang de Berre, on either side of the Caronte canal which connects the pond to the Mediterranean Sea . The town extends from the Côte Bleue (to the south) through the villages of Saint-Pierre-les-Martigues, Saint-Julien-les-Martigues, La Couronne, Carro, Lavéra, to that of Croix-Sainte North. It overlooks the Gulf of Fos to the southwest and the Etang de Berre to the northeast.

Weather forecast

During the month of July, there is a great sun and a sea breeze of 10 to 20 knots starting around 1:00 p.m. at 185 ° and going at the end of the day to 205 °. The possibilities of a small gust of the mistral or east wind are very rare at this time.

The water temperature around 25 °.

Outside temperature around 30 °.

Navigation areas

Up and down races

Long distance race